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does anyone know if the verizon ipad has a sim card slot? id hate to buy it and find out it doesnt as it would be nice if i could use it with an at&t sim. Mac OS X (10.6.5)...|verizon-ipad-card
Ask by glroze
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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I'm planning to buy a new ipad with LTE network in the US. I will bring back to my home country in future and will use using 3G network. does verizon's new ipad with LTE have a GSM support(3G) and SIM card slot?...|ipad-wi-fi-4g-verizon-ver-card-slot
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Mar 8, 2012 3:08 AM
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I have a ipad2 and have att connect.  Can i change to verizon by changing my sim card?  If so, how much would it cost and can i do this?...|ipan2-att-connect-change-verizon-changing-cost-verizon
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Feb 26, 2012 3:08 AM
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My camera connection kit with my sandisk card reader fried 2 16G CF card (1 Sandisk Extreme 60MB/s 16G and 1 Sandisk Ultra 30MB/s 16G). And I have a pair of 8G too and they’ve no problem, this makes me think that anything ABOVE 8G might be damage in this file transfer operation. (lucky all sandis...|camera-connection-kit-sandisk-card-reader-kill-16g-cf-card
Ask by KelvinMak
Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM
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how can i get apps with out using credit card info because i do not have a card ?...|apps-credit-card-info-card
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Feb 21, 2012 1:03 AM
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I will be traveling to Israel and have rented an Israel sim card for my iPad2. Is it as simple as exchanging sim card, power back on and begin using the ipad?...|traveling-israel-rented-israel-card-ipad-2-replace-card-power
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Feb 21, 2012 3:08 AM
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Since IPhone users/buyers will now be able to use the verizon cellular network, will verizon cellular network soon be available for the ipad? Dell Windows Vista...|verizon-3g-ipad
Ask by JAMFO
Jan 15, 2011 3:08 AM
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Anyone with verizon MiFi connection with the ipad, how has the ipad using MiFi connection, do you have to carry the MiFi device and is it a hassle, or do you simply just turn on the MiFi device when you need it to connect to 3G. Im thinking about getting a ipad with verizon service and was wonder how anyone likes the experience. thanks Powerbook 17 and Mac Pro 15 Mac OS X (10.5.4) Pure Macintosh is a APPLE computer....|verizon-ipad-3g
Ask by Aepple
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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Im not sure which 3G version to choose. My planned usage for the ipad will be to keep it mainly on wifi when at home but when we take the RV on weekend trips and the 2 week summer trip to activate a 3g plan. I live in the Dallas, TX area. Ive looked at the 3g coverage maps for both carriers. It app...|verizon-38-3g-ipad
Ask by KRitchie
Mar 27, 2011 3:08 AM
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I know that verizon 3G CDMA technology won't work in the U.K.But I need an answer to an explicit question: If I visit a friend who lives in London, and my friend's house is wired for WiFi, can I access the internet with my verizon ipad? Also, how about at WiFi hotspots about town there?Thanks....|verizon-ipad-2
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Feb 28, 2012 2:06 AM
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I have an Ipod touch, wife just received Iphone today. We are considering an ipad very soon. I just spoke with verizon about something I didnt understandApple wifi only ipad is 499...understoodApple 3g/wifi ipad is 629...understoodVerizon bundle of wifi only ipad & their mifi, also 629 no contr...|ipad-verizon
Ask by kenvw
Feb 9, 2011 15:08 PM
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I bought an ipad 2 Wi-Fi & 3G (verizon) as a gift to someone who is living outside USA and i wonder if it can be activated when they hook it to itunes?. As i mentioned the person who i sent it to is not living in USA.I know that they cant use the 3G feature, because the ipad 2 Wi-Fi & 3G (verizon) version doesnt have a micro-sim slot, but can they use with the WI-FI only? iOS 4...|ipad-2-wi-fi-38-3g-verizon
Ask by Um Fahad
Mar 13, 2011 3:08 AM
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Will the verizon ipad be the ipad 2, or a modification of the original? verizon is packaging MiFi, their mobile hotspot, with it, since it wont have 3G. Anyone know? MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4)...|verizon-ipad
Ask by Centime
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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Anyone know the definitive on 3G service from verizon? I get conflicting info from verizon reps. Is there or isnt there an activation and a reactivation fee? First I was told no, then yes, and they keep flip-flopping. I thought the beauty of the ipad was that you werent locked into a plan. However, the last rep said if I buy data for one month and dont use it the next, but want to get data the month after that, youd also be charged a $35 reactivation fee. That seems absurd. But then some reps have said there is no reactivation fee. Anyone know the real story? Thanks. ipad 2 iOS 4...|ipad-2-3g-38-verizon
Ask by calisquare
Apr 15, 2011 15:08 PM
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I would like to buy an ipad, but the only cell company in our remote area is verizon. I know its possible to run ipad on verizon, but it sounds like its complicated and that I might not be able to use all features. Any advice? Thanks! Powerbook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.2)...|ipad-verizon
Ask by Centime
Dec 10, 2010 9:15 AM
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I am wanting to buy an ipad model, but AT&T *****, especially in my area. I noticed there is now an ipad for verizon, but relies on the MiFi hotspot. Is the ipad for verizon a different type of ipad? Why get a 3G model if you have to tote around the MiFi? does the WiFi version do the same thing? Someone explain this to me, please, before I shell out a bunch of money. Thanks ipad 3G wifi iOS 4...|ipad-3g-verizon
Ask by Possumdog
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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I want to pre-order my new ipad, but I'm hesitating on which network to go with. In the cities that I am in regularaly, both networks support 4GLTE, so that is not a factor. I haven't really been able to find anything definitive about one network being faster/better than the other, so I was hoping to get some feedback. ...|verizon-4g-ipad
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Mar 8, 2012 2:06 AM
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I just read online that the ipad will be available through verizon on Oct. 28th. They will also introduce plans.Question, for those of us who did not by the ipad with accessiblity through phone carriers, just wifi units, is it going to be possible to swap our units for one that carried by verizon?I didnt get the one with the carriers because we have terrible ATT service in the area of I live. But we have a strong verizon presence so now I am interested.Thanks iMac intel core duo Mac OS X (10.6.4) iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, ipad, iPod...|ipad-verizon
Ask by Mark Harris1
Dec 10, 2010 9:13 AM
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Ill get an ipad 2 with 3G.Between ATT and verizon, any help on the data plan issue that can help me assist which one I should get.I have an iPhone 3GS and ATT and no problem with coverage here.I dont think coverage is the issue for me, more the price on the data.I really have no idea how much data it uses so its hard to decide about it. Mostly Im in WiFi anyway and only plan to use 3G on vacation etc. MacBookPro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM Mac OS X (10.6.6) iPhone GS...|att-verizon-ipad
Ask by M. R.
Mar 4, 2011 1:03 AM
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does anyone know of a website or map that list actual coverage for various cities? I want to give an ipad as a gift to someone who lives in New Orleans but would like to make an informed choice of cariers... ipod touch 4g, ipad, mac mini, soon to be ipad2 iOS 4...|orleans-38-verizon-ipad
Ask by knitz
Mar 6, 2011 15:08 PM
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In what countries I can connect 3G on mine iPad2 ver. CDMA for verizon? Really only in the USA ? Probably to be connected to the local operator CDMA in Japan, Korea, China etc.? Who be well informed ? ipad iOS 4...|ipad-2-cdma-verizon
Ask by Akadama
Apr 14, 2011 15:08 PM
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I am going to get the new ipad 2 3g and would like some advice on verizon vs ATT. I had an iPhone 3 which I gave up when the droid came out since first and foremost the phone has to make and receive calls. I am now happily back on verizon with an iphone 4. I have read recent articles that show that...|verizon-att-ipad
Ask by jmdermd
Mar 5, 2011 15:08 PM
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Hi,I didnt know that verizon uses CDMA technology, therefore, the ipad 2 does not have a sim card slot. When I bought it, I didnt care wherever it was verizon or AT&T and they only had verizon Ipads available. The thing is that I already have an Iphone 4 and wanted to use its sim card to get internet in the ipad. So I was wondering if I can just go the Apple Store again and exchange it for a AT&T ipad. Mine is totally new, hopefully I didnt remove the covers and all that.What do you think? Macbook Pro 2.8 GHz - 500Gb - 4Gb Ram...|change-ipad-2-verizon-38
Ask by idAvIdce
Apr 10, 2011 15:08 PM
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Soon I travel to the US and I want to buy the iPad2-3G.does it also work with another carrier, like T-mobile in the Netherlands?Which one I need to choose, ATT or verizon model... Mac OS X (10.6.6)...|ipad2-3g-att-verizon
Ask by UStraveller
Mar 18, 2011 3:08 AM
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Im using a verizon MiFI with new ipad. Works great. A bit expensive at $60 a month but I can run my laptop, iMac, iPhone and ipad from it all at the same time. Runs five devices at once. Cant tell if its faster then a 3g ipad since they dont exist but it is snappy. Anyone else going that route? iMac i7 Mac OS X (10.6.2) none...|verizon-mifi-ipad
Ask by stevenhnyc
Dec 10, 2010 9:00 AM
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I have a verizon ipad 2. I previously had a first gen AT&T ipad. With this one I have a hard time switching on 3G or WiFi. I often have to turn airplane mode on and off to get either one to pick up.. It is particularly hard to get verizon to find service sometimes...even though Im in a good coverage area. Ive tried resetting network settings to no avail. Anyone else having this problem? Im wondering if this is a 4.3 issue or a ipad 2 issue. Chad ipad 2 verizon 64GB iOS 4 iOS 4.3.1...|verizon-3g-ipad2-service
Ask by AppleFan888
Apr 6, 2011 3:08 AM
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I activated my verizon ipad a couple of hours ago, they charged me and confirmed my activation through the email.BUT my ipad hasnt said anything but No Service since I left the Apple Store today.I re provisioned my account and everything.What to do? ipad 2 (16 GB, verizon) iOS 4 4.3...|verizon-ipad-problem
Ask by David Allin
Mar 15, 2011 15:08 PM
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Has anybody tried useing the verizon MI-FI for Wi-Fi on the ipad ? 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3...|verizon-mifi-ipad
Ask by Iphone Junky
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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does anyone know if this wi-fi system is compatable with the ipad? I presume it is and I just need to discover the device? ipad, IPHONE, IMAC iPhone OS 3.1.3...|wi-fi-connection-verizon-mi-fi-ipad
Ask by GregDgol4
Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM
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Hi. I have an ipad 2 arriving tomorrow and Im interested in knowing what to expect with regard to connecting via 3G. Some questions:1) How do I choose to use 3G for a given month? Is this a selection made on the ipad 3 itself or do I have to contact verizon?2) Once Ive started with 3G, does it just...|3g-work-verizon-ipad-2
Ask by buechler66
Mar 25, 2011 3:08 AM
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