facebook app won t stay open on ipad

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Result:facebook app won t stay open on ipad

I keep trying to open app and it just keeps crashing. I have tried shutting ipad down and re starting and neither are working. Any suggestions? black macbook Mac OS X (10.4.10)...|ipod-app-stay-open-ipad
Ask by Gabriel Garay1
Dec 10, 2010 9:08 AM
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My mail on ipad wil not stay open. Can anyone help? I have had the ipad since April 28. It was working ok. Today this problem started. I want to erase messages but it will not stay open long enough for me to do this ipad ipad 3G WiFi...|ipad-mail-stay-open
Ask by AnnieMolloy
Dec 10, 2010 9:02 AM
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My mail is working but when I open it it auto minimizes Other OS...|mail-set-stay-open-ipad
Ask by ParadiseJim123
Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM
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When I first opened the email, it took forever to open. Then the pics didn't show up as pics, but as a ton of some kind of code. Since then, the app will open with just the frame, no info in the frame, no email accts or anything. Then it closes automatically after a few seconds. I've closed the app and reopened it, rebooted the ipad, and gone online and deleted the email itself. But the app still won't open. Help, please!!...|opening-email-photos-mom-email-app-open-ve-rebooted-ipad
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Jun 16, 2012 7:26 AM
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The facebook app won't rotate anymore, it is locked at landscape view. However, my ipad still does rotate everywhere else, except the facebook app. Can anyone please help!...|facebook-app-ipad-2-rotate-anymore
Ask by
Dec 8, 2012 6:16 AM
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My iCal will open for about two secs then close. Tried to reboot, but that did not help. Any suggestions?...|ical-stay-open-ipad
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Jun 14, 2012 6:16 AM
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I just discovered that when I am done using an app and return to the home screen and select another app, the first app remains active in the background. Apparently I can see all the open apps by double clicking the home screen button. Whats the deal with this? There are no close options on any apps...|apps-stay-open-background-ipad
Ask by Jeffrey Sipress
Jan 18, 2011 18:16 PM
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Is there a manual way to force the keyboard to be displayed whenever I want in Safari?I know it will pop up when I click on Search or the address bar, but I need to have it displayed while Im reading a web page.Thanks.Roxy IMAC G5 Mac OS X (10.5.8)...|force-keyboard-stay-open-safari-ipad
Ask by Jose Abreu
Feb 1, 2011 13:03 PM
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I purchased a game from the app store, it played at first but now won't open. I also downloaded the free ipad manual book but it now won't open either. My iPhoto app worked at first but now I can't open it.  Help please....|iphoto-app-open-bookstore-app
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Jun 4, 2012 1:03 AM
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Since last night, I have a weird problem on my ipad. The App Store app on my ipad wont open. I.e. it will start up (and it has enough time to actually connect to iTunes store and find that updates are available), but then it immediately takes me to iTunes app before I can interact with it. That way...|app-store-app-open-ipad
Ask by Jonas Zimmermann
Dec 10, 2010 9:11 AM
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Can any one help please? Having operated well for for a while now the Mail page only opens for a few seconds and closes down. I have re-synched with Outlook; powered down etc. but no luck so far with resolving this ipad Windows 7 running Outlook etc...|ipad-wireless-mail-page-crashes-seconds-stay-open
Ask by BillinLondon
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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Hi, my facebook app on my Ipad3 has stopped allowing me to put comments on. Does anyone have any ideas how to correct this? Don't know if it is a problem with the ipad or just the facebook app. Thanks....|facebook-app-ipad-3-stopped-allowing-put-comments-ideas-correct
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Aug 9, 2012 18:16 PM
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When I go to open my ipad 2 mail app. I opens blank and than close. And I can not see my emails. Please help....|mail-app-open-ipad-2
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Dec 17, 2012 7:26 AM
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Sorry if this question has been asked, but when I try to turn off my ipad when charging(plugged into the wall), it turns right back on. Is there something in settings that I need to do?Thanks ipad iPhone OS 3.1.3...|ipad-stay-charging
Ask by Hank1215
Dec 10, 2010 9:00 AM
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When I plug my ipad into an AC outlet and start charging it and then try to shut it down it restarts itself. Is this correct behavior? Every night when I charge my iPhone I turn it off once Ive connected to the outlet and it stays off while being charged. If this behavior is normal Im curious as to why. iMac 2.8 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM Mac OS X (10.6.3) 15.4" MacBook Pro 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM...|ipad-stay-charging
Ask by WrongCoaster
Dec 10, 2010 9:07 AM
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I just got the new ipad (3rd gen) and I'm about to lose my mind. I'm trying to sync it with iTunes (ver 10.6 and Windows 7) and my songs won't stay on the ipad. Neither will the album artwork. I originally had it on auto sync, but that put it in a continual sync cycle. It wouldn't st...|songs-stay-ipad
Ask by
Mar 18, 2012 16:10 PM
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Hello,I just purchased the Photo-Sort app for ipad but when I click on the icon it does not open. It does a little strange blip and then nothing happens.Anyone know how I can use this app and ix this problem? MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4) using ipad...|photo-sort-app-ipad-open-purchase
Ask by marashara
Dec 10, 2010 9:09 AM
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Safari page loads for 3-5 seconds then returns to either desktop or start-up page....|safari-pages-stay-loaded
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Feb 22, 2012 3:08 AM
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My ipad 2 will not stay connected to wifi since the new update ...|ipad-2-stay-connected-wifi
Ask by
Oct 15, 2012 2:06 AM
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My ipad 2 (64GB Wifi only, arrived 4/18) will not connect to the internet when I wake it up.  It shows full wifi signal, and in Settings it shows it is connected, but there is no internet feed.  Turning off the wifi and then turning it back on sometimes does the trick, but only for a few m...|ipad-2-stay-connected-internet
Ask by
Apr 13, 2012 2:06 AM
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I now have 3 APPs that wont stay in their folders after sync. I download, move from page 2 into a folder and all is well. Then when I sync, they are moved to pg 2 again.Whats up with that? ipad iOS 4...|apps-stay-folder-ipad
Ask by dseibert
Jan 26, 2011 16:10 PM
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My Ipad2 worked beautifully for a couple of days. Now, I cant get the Wifi setting to stay on in my settings section. Even when I change to on, it simply reverts back to off. This happens even in where i knew there was a wifi network available to connect to. Any help would be great, thanks. HP Windows Vista...|wifi-stay-adjusting-settings-ipad
Ask by brbauman
Mar 16, 2011 2:06 AM
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I had someone update my ipad and all of a sudden after the update when I open my apps they shut down right away? How do I get them to open??...|updated-ipad-apps-stay-opened
Ask by
Sep 11, 2012 6:16 AM
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If I have my ipad 2 plugged in to the wall it will work just fine. However, as soon as I take it off the charger it dies. The battery meter is staying at 40% regardless of how long I leave it on the charger. I was able to perform a restore through iTunes, but it didnt fix the issue. Do I have a defective unit, or is there another fix that I have not thought of yet? ipad 2 iOS 4...|ipad-stay-plugged-power-source
Ask by fanaticbuckeye
Mar 15, 2011 2:06 AM
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Hi guys... Any tech advice would be welcome... My first time on this forum.. Some of my apps won't open- when I try  to open them..it just shuts them down.It then goes back to the home screen. This is happening on eBay, calander, bbc news. Each day is different one.Then it seems to be ...|apps-open-open-shut-opening
Ask by
Jun 25, 2012 18:16 PM
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I cannot open my apps such as facebook, twitter, etc...what's wrong with my ipad?...|open-apps-facebook-twitter-wrong-ipad
Ask by
Oct 11, 2012 6:16 AM
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I can upload pics from my ipad to facebook but they don't show up on the page as public so only my friends can see them.  Is I post on a page using the facebook app it does the same thing.  If I post to a page through Safari it is public and everyone on that page can see my post but i cannot upload a pic tomfacebook using safari at all.  Please HELP!!!  This is very annoying as I have to boot up my laptop just to post a picture to a page and I do this often.  ...|upload-pics-facebook-page-pandora-jewelry-pics-show-public-friends
Ask by
Apr 15, 2012 18:16 PM
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Here is a strange problem:The Exchange mail account stopped working on my ipad after several month os working beutifully.The issues:New mails wont arrive, it looks like the exchange account is looping forever when trying to get new mails. (The network indicator is spinning.)I can no longer open the...|general-mail-settings-open-exchange-account-recieve-mails-ipad
Ask by marha007
Dec 10, 2010 9:02 AM
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Ever since I did the upgrade on my ipad it won't stay connected to wifi. I'm using my home wifi I'm constantly going to settings and reselecting my wifi. I've completely deleted the network and reinstalled it and I've shut down my home wifi and restarted. I never had this problem before the upgrade. And it doesn't happen to my iPhone. Not having wifi connection issue with any other devices....|wifi-stay-connected-ipad-personal-home-wifi
Ask by
Oct 29, 2012 2:06 AM
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When out on facebook if I try to like a comment or comment on a post it won't let me what can I do to fix this?...|facebook-recognize-touch
Ask by
Dec 17, 2012 6:16 AM
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