How do you delete from Iphone Ipad computer at the same time

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Result:How do you delete from Iphone Ipad computer at the same time

Is there any way to delete multiple emails at once, right now I go through each individually and delete it, but its time.consuming, thanks Ipad...|delete-multiple-emails-time-ipad
Ask by Bendiman
Dec 10, 2010 9:02 AM
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Ive tried four time. (except for the very first time) to hook the Ipad to the computer. It reads it as a still camera, then crashes (blue screen). Any idea what I can do to fix this? PC Windows XP...|xp-computer-crashes-time-hook-ipad
Ask by ificandream
Dec 10, 2010 9:06 AM
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Up until a very short time.ago, when I had my Ipad connected and iTunes open, I could right click on a movie, and have the option to delete the file from both iTunes and the computer. I think I have done something to a setting, that gives me no option, and leaves the file on my computer. How do I switch it back to where I get the option to delete from BOTH at the same time Iphone 4 / 64GB WiFi Ipad iOS 4...|deleting-movies-ipad-computer-time-itunes
Ask by KevinC5
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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I concluded that with buying an Apple ipad2, I made ​​the worst investment. Unfortunately, I realized that the philosophy that you build the software for these devices is to extort money from clients without providing them the right to choice. Specifically, at this point I am feeling frustrated that I can not copy .mp3 files to Ipad from my home computer, as any device can do. These files do not contain stolen music and, yes, is a certain reason to be unhappy client! I am very sorry that I don't bought a Samsung Android device and I will share my experience all those who need it....|store-playing-stolen-music-files-ipad-computer-world-time
Ask by
Feb 26, 2012 4:10 AM
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Its seems like an obvious feature that was left out would be able to Select All of your email or more than one at a delete. I find myself going through a hundred emails one at a delete. Is there a way to do this? G5 Mac OS X (10.4.11)...|delete-email-ipad-iphone
Ask by Vashdesigns
Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM
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Ive been syncing my Iphone first then my iPad3G. But Im curious if both can be synced the same time.or if both are connected to my Mac Mini, which one has priority in a sync or does that cause a problem with iTunes. Has anyone tried this? Mac Book Core Duo and Mac Mini Core Duo 2 2 GB RAM Mac OS X (10.5.4) Also have La Cie Mini Hub 500 GB, Iphone G3...|sync-ipad-iphone-time
Ask by Joseph Bacon
Dec 10, 2010 9:00 AM
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I tried Google, some FAQs and looking through threads here, but didnt find an answer.(If I missed it could you please link me to it?)If I buy an app will I be allowed to sync it both to my phone and pad or do I have to choose which one I want to use it on? Windows 7...|app-iphone-ipad-time
Ask by PerBonomi
Dec 10, 2010 9:07 AM
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At night I usually leave my phone connected to my iMac 24 to sync and charge. I would like to do the same with the Ipad, and have both connected overnight to sync and charge, but that doesnt seem to work.Either one can be plugged in and charge fine, but as soon as I plug in the second, both start beeping, iTunes starts popping up errors, and its like they keep disconnecting/reconnecting. Any thoughts, I know the Ipad draws more power, but the first week I had it, doing both worked fine, then suddenly its acting like this.Any thoughts? IMac 24 Mac OS X (10.6.3)...|connect-iphone-ipad-imac-time
Ask by Mswansonpcs
Dec 10, 2010 8:59 AM
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I synced my Ipad & Iphone at same time, and now Ipad looks like Iphone UI, and iTunes is asing me to restore my Iphone 3GS. The restore is an inconveniece but the Ipad thing is freaking me out.All the Ipad icons are shrunk to Iphone size and the dock is less than a half of the screen with the m...|synced-ipad-38-iphone-time-ipad-iphone-ui
Ask by AmplifiedLife
Dec 10, 2010 9:00 AM
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Hello,Im looking to manage my Iphone 4 and Ipad 2 on two different PCs. Id like to be able to transfer my Iphone 4 data (Contacts, calendar, notes, ect.) to mw new Ipad without syncing my Ipad to the computer that Im using to manage that Iphone. Any suggestions? Thanks Windows XP...|transfer-iphone-data-ipad-computer
Ask by suckerdj
Mar 22, 2011 16:10 PM
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Trying to figure out a method for syncing the Address Book contents on a Iphone to an Ipad. Any suggestions. This is a work provided Iphone and a personal Ipad. We are PC based at work, and are not allowed to connect personal devices to our office computer network. iMac & iPod Touch iOS 4...|syncing-iphone-ipad-contacts-computer
Ask by willied
Jan 24, 2011 16:10 PM
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After the end of Daylight Saving Time, my iPads clock is off by one hour when I set the time.and date settings to Set Automatically (it says 12:15 PM instead of 11:15 AM that it should). When I turn Set Automatically OFF, it shows the correct time (when set to the same as Denver). But I d...|automatically-set-time-daylight-saving-time-ended-ipad
Ask by Thomas Beach
Dec 10, 2010 9:14 AM
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When I synced, i lost all the history and organization on the Ipad. Everything was all messed up when I was done ... now I am afraid to sync again. what can I do to avoid this from happening again? ...|synced-ipad-time-long-time-lost-app-data
Ask by Jreiss01
Feb 27, 2011 16:10 PM
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We got three iPads at home, excellent machines. I use mine for work and also, sometimes, for browsing.My wife is extremely happy with hers and doesnt want to use her pc anymore (no wonder): she uses internet to browse, read her newsgroups, upload and download info, copy photos, etc.But hers sometimes freezes. The URL field starts reading but stops and no progress can be made.What is the best way to procpeed? I also hope Apple has a fix for that bug in a coming update.Thanks iMac, mac book pro, Iphone, Ipad.. Mac OS X (10.6.6) also have a pc at work...|safari-ipad-freezes-time-time-hints
Ask by faraon
Jan 7, 2011 13:03 PM
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Hey,I cant find this info... how long should I keep my new Ipad charging for the first time (or does it even matter)? I remember we used to charge our phones a long time.for the first time... so does this still apply or did the batteries improve?Thank you! PC Windows Vista...|charging-time-time-ipad
Ask by YuriGrimmski
Dec 21, 2010 13:03 PM
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My computer died, and all the data with it. Have a new computer with iTunes. How do I get the Ipad do dump all its data to the new computers iTunes?Anyone? MacBook Pro 2.66Mghz, Several iPods, Ipad (for now) Mac OS X (10.6) What else can I tell you?...|computer-dead-sync-ipad-contents-computer
Ask by ronadijcks
Dec 10, 2010 8:59 AM
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I think Ive just made a discovery, but I cannot find any confirmation of this on line:-> The Ipad (1) does NOT support AdHoc networking at 5GhzOn my MacBook Pro, I do Create Network. If I select a channel 1-11, I can connect to this network from the Ipad. If I select a channel 36-44, the Ipad sa...|ipad-5ghz-ad-hoc-computer-computer-networking
Ask by jesmith
Mar 11, 2011 2:06 AM
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I purchased an I-Pad 2 on 3/11 to replace the original I-Pad I bought last year. I synced it with my former I-Mac and transferred Apps I had purchased and synced to my former original I-Pad to my new I-Pad 2.. Then my former I-Mac crashed and burned and I bought a new I-Mac. Now I have all the original apps successfully installed on the new I-Pad 2, but cant sync them back to my new I-Mac. Is there any way I can do that? I-Mac Mac OS X (10.6.6)...|transferring-apps-synced-computer-computer-ipad
Ask by dcat
Mar 19, 2011 16:10 PM
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We gave my Dad an Ipad for Christmas (16 GB, WiFi), mainly as a photo album to amuse my ailing mother.I live in Ontario and he lives in BC. I bought the Ipad and set it up using my iMac. Put about 600 family photos on it and sent it off to him in BC. I knew that this might cause a challenge when he...|set-ipad-computer-sync-computer
Ask by Big Nickel Mac
Jan 6, 2011 4:10 AM
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I was shocked to learn there is no usb port on it. So how would one go about printing from it? Could an Ipad be used without ever coming into contact with a pc/mac? n/a Other OS...|ipad-computer-full-computer-replacement
Ask by Ichol
Dec 10, 2010 9:05 AM
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Hi,The laptop that I was using to sync my Ipad has completely died. I have very valuable application data on my Ipad that I can in no way afford to lose.How can i setup up a new computer so that my Ipad data is unaffected when syncing to my new computer. I dont mind losing mp3s but theres about 20gigs of application data that is critical to my work that I need to retain.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ipad Iphone OS 3.1.3...|computer-died-completely-ipad-computer
Ask by caseyjames
Dec 10, 2010 9:05 AM
4 Replies Category:iPad Syncing
When looking at the inbox on the Ipad in landscape view, I can see my inbox on the left, and the selected message on the right. The problem is that when looking at the message on the right, the exactly one hour ahead of the time.on that same message in the inbox. I use Gmail, and I am acces...|time-message-inbox-match-time-message-ipad
Ask by Cricket10
Dec 10, 2010 9:10 AM
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Until two weeks ago I had no problem with syncing. Last night when I plugged the usb cable in I got a tray alert saying <Found new hardware, click here to install>. I unplugged the usb, shut the computer down completely then rebooted it. I did the same sequence with the Ipad. I replugged the ...|ipad-computer-syncing-computer-thinks-ipad-camera
Ask by Miss Ruby
Dec 10, 2010 9:06 AM
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I have a duosim here in Holland with KPN.ive cut one for the Ipad.Works perfect, only when both are on, i cant be reached by Iphone.Can i turn off my provider on the Ipad and work with wifi?Better, can you work around it that you have 3G on the Ipad and be reached on Iphone?Sms messages that are pushed to your Iphone that is offline due to the Ipad, do they get lost?Thanks. macbook pro dual 2.4 4 gig+ old G5 Mac OS X (10.6.1)...|iphone-ipad-duos-reachable-iphone
Ask by roog
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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I cannot delete emails from my new Ipad 2. I have tried select then delete and edit and move, but nothing seems to remove them...|delete-email
Ask by
Feb 21, 2012 7:26 AM
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I just got my Ipad... love it! I had it set to push my gmail and of course it all showed up on my Ipad. I dont want it all there though, so reset to manual.Question: If I delete the mail it pushed off my Ipad, will it delete from my desktop too?I dont want it sitting there on my Ipad, bc other people in the house like to play games on it.I hope Im posting this in the right place?! imac Mac OS X (10.6.4)...|delete-ipad
Ask by 2roombas
Dec 10, 2010 9:05 AM
7 Replies Category:iPad Syncing
How do I delete a short cut from bookmark bar? Ipad...|delete-ipad
Ask by Kilo411
Dec 10, 2010 9:10 AM
1 Replies Category:iPad Apps
Just bought an ipad2. There seems to be no way to delete photos once I synch them into "Photos" from my computer.Am I missing something?...|delete-photos
Ask by
Feb 21, 2012 13:03 PM
4 Replies Category:iPad Use
I have added my entire music collection on my Ipad. The problem is that it is not sorted and contains a lot of junk. Therefore,I would like to sort the music and delete the music I do not like when I travel by train . But how do I do that without having it connected to a computer with iTunes? Ipad iOS 4...|delete-music-ipad
Ask by magolson
Dec 21, 2010 1:03 AM
5 Replies Category:iPad Use
Can I do this w/o connecting to my pc Windows 7...|delete-apps-ipad
Ask by WV Fann
Dec 10, 2010 9:13 AM
2 Replies Category:iPad Use

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