Software Update Failed An error occured downloading iOS 6.0.1

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Result:Software Update Failed An error occured downloading iOS 6.0.1

Hi All -Super excited to get 4.2.1 up and running. I had the buggy beta of 4.2 running on my iPad but now when I try to restore my iPad to get the most recent version of 4.2.1 running, I get this error:There was a problem downloading the Software for the iPad. The requested resource was not found.I...|ipad-ios-4.2-update-error-problem-downloading-software
Ask by Carey Head
Dec 10, 2010 9:07 AM
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I want iCloud for my ipad2 and iPhone 4s. My iPad with ios 4.3 doesn't have Update Software under General. ?? Can't Update through iTunes as my MacBook is too old, runs Snow Leopard. How can I get iCloud?...|ipad-2-update-software-section-general-sounds-update-software-usage
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Jun 4, 2012 16:10 PM
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When I try Software Update for my ipad it says ur Software is up to date ios 5.1.1. Why my iPad doesn't get the iOS 6? Pls help me in this regard....|software-update-ur-software-date-ios-5.1.1-ipad-ios-6
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Nov 18, 2012 3:08 AM
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Does anyone know how to fix this?I connected iPad to windowx xp desktop with latest itunes and it asked to Update the iPad. After the Update Failed, it keeps showing connect to itunes on iPad, yet the itunes doesnt seem to recognize it. Also as I connect iPad it shows in the bottom right Apple Mobile Device (recovery mode) and Found New Hardware window pops up. Does this mean I will lose all apps and saved files/books? Message was edited by: HLemmik Windows XP Pro...|ipad-update-failed-error-1602
Ask by HLemmik
Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM
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Attempted a wireless download at a friends with his fast wireless.  Failed to install - message was "Unable to install Update - An error occurred installing iOS 5.1"  options were Close or settings.  Close closed the app, settings took you to the settings section. Under About, diagnostics & usage - OTAupdate-2012-03-09-19-48-07.plist - screen was empty so there was no info.  Lots of sysinfo existed for other error conditions such as app crashes and the like....|attempting-update-5.0.1-5.1-ipad-error-unable-install-update-error
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Mar 10, 2012 2:06 AM
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Im trying to download the Software Update for the ipad. After a long time of downloading it shifts to file processing. After a couple minutes there, it stops the process because of no activity on the network. I think the error is 3239. The same thing happens when weve tried to Update our ipod touches. Are there settings that need to be changed?Thanks! macbookpro Mac OS X (10.6.6)...|downloading-software-update-ipad
Ask by jinlino
Jan 20, 2011 18:16 PM
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I have an ipad2 and I am getting "an unknow error occured" message when I try to Update my apps that have an Update available. I deleted the apps and tried to install them again and I got the same error. I also tried installing a new app and got the same error. I completely shutdown the ipad and tried it again and it's still occuring. please help....|ipad-2-unknow-error-occured-message
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Mar 12, 2012 18:16 PM
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An error occured while reading from this device is the message I get whenever I try to sync my iPad to iTunes. The only way I can sync is to do a restore and then put everything back on it.Can anybody help? Windows XP...|error-occured-reading-device-ipad
Ask by ScurvyPete13
Jan 17, 2011 4:10 AM
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Hello,I recently got an iPad 64gb. And have since been loading all of my Comic backups onto it (Via Cloudreaders). Ive got 32.5gb used and 26.4gb Free. Every 20-30 issues or so I get an error that says Comic book name here cannot be copied because an error occured. There is not enough memory availa...|copied-error-occured-memory-ipad
Ask by MTollefson
Jan 10, 2011 4:10 AM
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How do I download iOS 5 for IPad 2? ...|software-update-button-download-ios-5-update-update-ipad-2
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Sep 13, 2012 6:16 AM
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I have had my Ipad for a few months, so i have been loading quite a bit of apps and playing them of course...there are a few of them of which i have played alot and since my Update they were all deleted because of an error in which my ipad could not load the Update successfully. Now i have been able to sync most of my apps back onto it from my Itunes account, but now i have to start from square one with all the apps i payed good money for! Is there a freakin way I can retrieve all that lost data!?!?!?! ...|lost-saved-information-downloading-software-update-ipad
Ask by T-Rad
Dec 10, 2010 9:14 AM
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Hello.I wanted to upgrade my iPad 1 to iOS 5.1 Over the Air.I was running iOS 5.0.1.It said it had an error connecting to server.It is already 5 hours i cant install this Update.I also have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 with the same issues.Help please!...|wanted-upgrade-ipad-1-ios-5.1-air-running-ios-5.0.1
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Mar 8, 2012 13:03 PM
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Software Update is not appearing on my settings panel.  I am in need of ios Update.  How do I trigger it?...|software-update-appearing-settings-panel-ios-update-trigger
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Oct 15, 2012 3:08 AM
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How do i Update to ios 5.0 on my ipad2 when I do not have "Update soft ware" icon under Setings/general"...|update-ios-5.0-ipad-missing-update-software-icon-settingsgeneral
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May 27, 2012 1:03 AM
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Under "general" there is no menu item for "Software Update.". I'm trying to Update to iOS 5.1....|general-menu-item-software-update-update-ios-5.1.
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Jul 10, 2012 16:10 PM
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have ipad 4.3.5 wish to Update to 5 or what ever. dont have cellular ipad . have a v5 on my iphone. ipad does not have in settings Software download button??...|update-ipad-4.3.5-ios-5-settings-software-update
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Aug 28, 2012 2:06 AM
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This morning I was updating the iPad with the latest Software from itunes.  There was an error.  Now itunes doesn't recognize the iPad.  The screen on the iPad when it is plugged into the PC is the same one when you recieve a brand new iPad.  How do I get the iPad to be recognized by iTunes?  ...|error-installing-ios-software-ipad-recognized-itunes
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Mar 9, 2012 16:10 PM
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I am trying to Update my wife's IPad but for some reason there is now category to select Software Update, like it was for my phone. I want to be able to download something from Barnes and Noble, but it says I need an Update, and I am not sure how to Update it without that option...|update-ios-software-update-button
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Jul 11, 2012 13:03 PM
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Is there a way to download iOS updates for my iPAD other than through iTunes? I have access at home only to dial-up (yes, there are still some of us) and I can;t plug my iPAD into my work computer because it is a government machine. However, if I could download the iOS Update directly I could do so at work and transfer it to a thumbdrive for transfer to my home machine.Thanks MacBook Pro 2.33 duo core, 15 inch model Mac OS X (10.6.4)...|downloading-ios-update-ipad
Ask by Allan Robinson
Dec 10, 2010 9:13 AM
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I want to Update my iPad 3 wifi + 3G from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6.0.1 but every time it gives me error . I Update from the iPad and I don't want to lose any apps , photos , videos or songs ...|update-ipad-3-wifi-3g-ios-5.1.1-ios-6.0.1-time
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Dec 8, 2012 7:26 AM
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Im downloading 4.2 now. Here are the specifics from the info screen:BTY: It took a few attempts to start the downloadiOS 4.2 Software Update for iPadThis Update contains over 100 new features for iPad including support for multitasking, folders, unified mail inbox, Game Center, AirPrint, AirPlay, a...|ios-4.2-software-update-ipad
Ask by Bosamar
Dec 10, 2010 9:11 AM
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I am not able to find the iOS 6 Software Down load... May I request the forum to guide me.......|update-ios-6-software-ipad-2
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Oct 15, 2012 18:16 PM
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I have tried to find where the iOS 4.2 can be downloaded. But I keep getting sent back to just the description of the Update. What am I doing wrong? iPad iOS 4...|ios-4.2-software-update-ipad
Ask by Bernicejane
Dec 10, 2010 9:15 AM
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Help! Everytime I try to Update my iPad 2 on 4.3.3 it get is error message "The iPad "iPad" cannot be restored at this time because the iPad Software Update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable." I dont know why please help.I'm running 4.3.3 on a ipad 2 im computer is connected via wire to internet ...|everytime-update-ipad-2-4.3.3-error-message-ipad-ipad-restored
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Aug 27, 2012 16:10 PM
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Ever since i updated my iPad it stopped performing as well as it used too. ...|ios-software-5.0.1-update-slows-ipad
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Feb 26, 2012 13:03 PM
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both are saying there is an error. I have tried resetting the network settings and reconnecting.   I have tried plugging in to the computer - simply get the signal that it is checking for softward.  Then get the message that an a device on a usb is taking too much power and is cut off. my ipad is 100% charged and plugged in to a large, new iMac.    iphone 4S is getting the same error - even when plugged in to the wall.  Haven't tried it plugged in to the computer yet.    Help...|ipad-iphone-4s-update-software-ios-5.1
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Mar 13, 2012 5:18 AM
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I need help on knowing how to fix this so i can sync my new music to my iPod Nano 5th Generation. Any help appreciated THANKS!!!! ...|sync-ipod-itunes-coming-unknown-error-occured-42408-uninstalled-reinstalled
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Aug 17, 2012 4:10 AM
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Can I Update my IPAD ios to 5 using my friends macbook without fear of getting all of her files downloaded to my IPAD or the other way around?...|update-ipad-ios-5-friends-macbook-fear-downloading-filesmusic
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Aug 17, 2012 16:10 PM
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I know I'm way behind, can somebody help me get updated?  Thanks!...|software-update-shown-option-settingsgeneral-ios-5.1-ipad
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May 2, 2012 13:03 PM
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