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hey everyone, Ive had my ipad WiFi 64gb model since august and everything has worked swimmingly until now!After not touching my ipad for a few minutes, in the volume control segment it kept changing its function from the volume slider to dock connector. I have tried formatting the whole thing, doin...|ipad-volume-stuck-dock-connector
Ask by DiamondArmada2010
Jan 6, 2011 18:16 PM
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Ive upgraded the OS 4.2 and everything worked fine. A week ago, I started getting the dock connector message in ipad where the volume control should be. If I plug in a headphone, the volume control returns and I hear everything in the headphone. Pull it out the and dock connector message reappears ...|dock-connector-error-sound-ipad
Ask by farmbob
Feb 22, 2011 6:16 AM
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Can I use the dock connector of an ipod touch with my ipad? ...|dock-connector-ipad
Ask by mick10368
Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM
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Dont know if anyone else has experienced this - for no apparent reason (not been dropped or similar) my ipad has ceased to charge when connected to any cable & plug and also is no longer recognised when connected to my Mac - it does not show in iTunes. However if I use an old plug & cable it will say that charging isnt supported with that, so the connector isnt completely dead.Any experiences / advice / solution?Thanks ipad 32gb wifi iPhone OS 3.1.3...|dock-connector-issue-ipad
Ask by rsp102
Dec 10, 2010 9:10 AM
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I have both an iTouch and a new ipad. Is the ipad USB to dock connector compatible with the iTouch USB to dock connector so I only need one cable for both devices?Thanks,Bob iMac 2.66 Mac OS X (10.5.4)...|usb-dock-connector-ipad
Ask by bobleslie
Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM
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Anyone see a ipad/iPod dock connector to HDMI cable? HP Multi-Media Windows 7 iPhone 3GS(32gb) & ipad (16gb wifi)...|dock-connector-hdmi-ipad
Ask by Newfie Bill
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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I have an ipad and a keyboard dock and I want to charge and use the Camera Connection Kit at the same time. Is there a male to 2 female dock connector that will help me do that? iMac 21.5" late 2009 Mac OS X (10.6.4)...|ipad-dock-connector-male-2-female
Ask by atadaydin
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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Im considering the purchase of a dock-to-vga adapter for my ipad. I have Netflix streaming capability and would like to view films on my Toshiba 42 TV. Ive read numerous posts were persons who bought were disappointed in the output capabilities. I know the latest NetFlix version does support output re-direction. My concern is the quality of the re-directed output. Since Netflix detects the display type would it see the native ipad display or the re-directed TV ? I know that $30 is not a lot to spend but question how well the output will look. Thanks in advance for any help/opinions. ...|ipad-dock-connector-vga-opinions
Ask by McCartyRL
Dec 10, 2010 9:15 AM
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Good morning,i have an old ipod and I also have an Apple dock connector to USB Cable with those bottons on the left and right side to remove the cable from the device. My question is if I can use this old cable on the ipad.I would also like to know if I can use the ipod charger with the ipad.Sorry for the horrible writing ...|apple-dock-connector-usb-cable-ipad
Ask by Pauro
Mar 1, 2011 1:03 AM
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Ive connected my ipad to my mini Hi-Fi system using the dock connector to AV cable.I notice that therell be a hissing sound coming over the speakers anytime the ipad starts playing audio, say when playing a video clip, or even when on-screen keyboard comes up to allow text input. In the case of the...|ipad-dock-connector-av-cable-gain-amplification-noise
Ask by David Chin
Dec 10, 2010 9:14 AM
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Yesterday, I bought a 64G 3G+WiFi ipad as well as an Apple ipad Keyboard dock. I was successfully able to seat the ipad into the Keyboard dock and watch videos with sound. But not this morning! For some reason, when the ipad is seated in the Keyboard dock, the video will play but no sound can be he...|sound-ipad-keyboard-dock
Ask by peterct
Dec 10, 2010 9:02 AM
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Using a 16GB Wi-Fi ipad 2. Been working fine since Friday. Today, I noticed it had no sound. Read all the threads about this, but all my sound settings and lock switch are set correctly. That is NOT the issue.It was then I noticed when opening the iPod app, it shows dock connector in the top-left w...|sound-ipad-thinks-plugged-dock
Ask by voodoogmr
Mar 13, 2011 13:03 PM
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Hello,I got an ipad today, but were having some problems. Any help is greatly appreciated.Okay, so it was working fine at first. We bought the ipad keyboard dock, plugged it in, and then started having problems. Soon after plugging it to the dock, the touch screen stopped responding to touch. We un...|ipad-keyboard-dock-stuck-lock-mode
Ask by wdemerse
Dec 10, 2010 9:02 AM
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Just bought the ipad dock to vga connector. This cable has a female VGA connector. I would expect my tv to have a male connector, but this is female too (15 pins). Is there a way to make a connection fi by adding a female to male connector? imacG5 Mac OS X (10.4.8) 1.5 G, canon 330i, fce 3.5.1, lacie external...|connect-ipad-dock-connector-vga-adapter-female-vga
Ask by jan nijboer1
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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Often, after spending a minute or two in an app (often a game such as Infinity Blade, but has also has happened in Pandora as well as even the iPod app itself) the audio cuts out, and the app will stay silent until I exit out of the app (if its not an app that supports multitasking) or, if its an a...|sound-cutting-ipad-apps-forcing-restart-app-bring-sound
Ask by Jensen Gelfond
Dec 26, 2010 6:16 AM
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The Remote app used to work, but now the library shows up on ipad, but when I play a song, no sound comes out of ipad, but the song is playing on my main PC where my library is located in the study. Very strange. If anyone knows why, please let me know. Im guessing its an app bug or something. I used this app early on and it was fine, but apparently, with the last update, this is what happens. If you know of a fix, please post! Thanks! Dell/ipad Windows XP Pro...|remote-app-plays-sound-main-pc-sound-ipad
Ask by lwarteman
Jan 9, 2011 18:16 PM
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After I had finished upgrading 4.2.1 firmware for my ipad, the speakers sound has gone.I can hear the sound from my ipad only when I connected to any headphones or bluetooth devices.I tried many methods to get the sound back, starting from:1. trying to plug in and out my headphone - nothing changed...|headphones-sound-speaker-sound-4.2.1-upgrading-ipad
Ask by Waltz_woods
Dec 10, 2010 9:16 AM
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I know that the iPads camera connector will not be available until the end of the month, but am curious if anybody knows whether or not, when you connect a camera to the ipad, and the photos are downloaded, will the photo be downsampled, or will the photo file be stored intact. In other words, I sh...|camera-connector-ipad
Ask by kes2606b
Dec 10, 2010 9:02 AM
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If I plug my ipad into my Toshiba 40 TV, the display is small and in the middle of the panel. I suspect this is something to do with the fixed 1024x768 out put of the ipad, and inability of my TV to scale this up to a 16:9 aspect. Does this sound right?Has anyone got this output showing full screen on a native 16:9 panel? Windows 7...|vga-connector-ipad
Ask by Justinmg
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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Has anyone found a mobile dock to HDMI cable available? The Apple Store has ipad dock connectors to VGA and to Component...but no HDMI. MacBook Pro 17, MBPro 13 Mac OS X (10.6.4) iPodTouch, iPhone, ipad (= tech overload!)...|hdmi-connector-ipad
Ask by BPWMorro
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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Does anyone know if the Sony 17-in-1 Multi Card Reader will work with the USB camera connector module? pc Windows 7...|usb-camera-connector-ipad
Ask by lacee28
Dec 10, 2010 9:02 AM
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The iPod camera connector I have looks exactly like the one for the ipad, Will it allow me to import photos from my camera? MacBook 2.2 GHz, iMac G4 Mac OS X (10.6.1) ipad 16g, iPod 5G, iPhone 3Gs 32GB, Airport Extreme 802.11n...|ipod-camera-connector-ipad
Ask by knifeman24
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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Along with my ipad i got a keypad, not wireless. i did so to be able to charge the ipad on my desk , while using my pc to make some uploads. THe problem is that it does nothing of this at all, as i plug it in , on the right top hand corner a writing appears saying not charging, and as i connect it to itoons i go on ipad but it dosent open any options.Why is this ? someone help pls. Windows 7...|keypad-doc-connector-ipad
Ask by iGia
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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Is it feasible to get an adapter to connect the ipad cord to an adapter so that I could attach an air card. Aircard has a USB connection. Mac OS X (10.4.11)...|usb-connector-aircard-ipad
Ask by dragonflylady
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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Being the Camera connector Kit will not be avaliable for a while could I used the USB cable that came with my ipad and a adapter that would allow me to connect to my camera to transfer my pictures from the camera. I need to transfer pictures on a upcoming trip in two weeks. I been cheching with the Apple stores in the area every day for the kits. MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.8)...|camera-connector-kit-ipad
Dec 10, 2010 9:06 AM
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Will the original iPod Camera connector work with the ipad? It looks the same from the outside, but when I plug it in, it says the device is not supported. Thats too bad, I dont have much use for it since my iPod video has a broken screen. Mac OS X (10.6.3)...|ipod-camera-connector-ipad
Ask by Bud Lande
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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Can I use mt Blackberry mobile internet connection as a gateway to the internet with the ipad as apposed to using a 3G connection on the ipad? Windows 7...|blackberry-wifi-connector-ipad
Ask by DavidLloyd50
Dec 10, 2010 9:04 AM
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Well, I called my local apple store to see if they had any. At the time the person I spoke to thought they had some but no guarantees there would be any when I got there. Of course there were not but oh well, I have one ordered w/my ipad so hopefully it will make it before the middle of June like it says. Meanwhile...I am on business day 5 of 7 for shipping on my ipad! tick tock! Hopefully it will arrive on time next week. Windows...|camera-connector-kits-ipad
Ask by KVB71
Dec 10, 2010 9:01 AM
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Anyone going from the ipad VGA connector to DVI-A?Id love to hear about your setup. Im having an issue. Please respond at this thread: MacPro 3gHz 8core Black MacBook 2.4GHz Mac Mini 2GHz iPhone 4 ipad 32/3G Mac OS X (10.6.4)...|ipad-vga-connector-dvi
Ask by Lucien Palmer
Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM
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I am considering buying an ipad to take on a trip instead of my laptop. I want to back up pictures from camera, via the camera connector.My questions are:1. Does it leave the pictures as they are, or it optimizes them? This is what the iPhone or iPod Touch do with the pictures imported from the computer (they reduce them to 100K or so regardless of the original size)2. How fast is the transfer? Thanks in advance. macbook pro 2007 Mac OS X (10.6.4) iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 2nd gen, iOS4...|photos-camera-connector-ipad
Ask by unixnerd09
Dec 10, 2010 9:02 AM
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