the new ipad blackout

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I bought a rental movie (Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and whenever it gets to a specific time in the movie, it just sort of stops, kind of freezes. The picture freezes but the time keeps going. I tried to avoid this by fast forwarding or picking a different chapter and all I get is a blacked out screen....|ipad-blackout
Ask by Savanna Oliver
Jan 11, 2011 13:03 PM
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today i closed my ipad by just pressing the button on the top.. ande then when i tried to open it, it wouldnt.. it doesnt open neither when i plug it at the cable to charge it nor at the pc... the pc actually cant even see it... its like a blackout whta can i do in order to make it work again? ipad iOS 4...|ipad-blackout
Ask by latsio12
Jan 5, 2011 1:03 AM
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